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Immersive Dining

Music through Food London 

From the entree to the desert each meal took the form of a musical element and was accompanied by an artist performing from the relevant genre. Courses spanned from swinging 60's, Jazz starters to Disco Deserts!

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Bringing a slice of the Californian Sunshine to the heart of London.

Chefs Evan and Sarah Rich of Michelin-starred Rich Table in San Francisco prepared a 5 course California-inspired feast for just 20 diners.

Featuring an array of dishes ranging from burrata with tikka masala and walnut crumble to cannelloni with beets and duck jus and walnut cake with brown butter and apples for dessert. Complete with Californian inspired cocktails!

To celebrate the harvest of the California walnut, Michelin-starred chefs Evan and Sarah Rich of Rich Table San Francisco showcased their cutting-edge culinary creations, preparing a five-course meal for just 20 diners at an exclusive dining event curated by Meredith Collective.
Creative Powerhouse Meredith Collective create an intimate, immersive evening with world class food that promises to transport diners to a beautiful indoor Californian orchard.
Meredith O'Shaughnessy and her team at Meredith Collective transform London's Perseverance Works into a whimsical Californian orchard and create an intimate dining experience unlike anything you have ever seen before!