Our Founder


Meredith O’Shaughnessy


Led by creative mogul Meredith O'Shaughnessy we imagine and deliver event-firsts that challenge perceptions and bring brands to life. 

An award-winning brand strategist and industry disruptor Meredith is who ambitious brands turn to for big ideas, and effortless delivery. 

Lauded by the media as ‘The Pop Up Queen of London’ Meredith has a proven track record of showing intuitive foresight for emerging trends in popular culture.

Her roll call of projects is renowned for making waves in the industry. These include the world’s first avocado restaurant and 2017’s global sensation, Rudolph's Christmas Rage Room. 

Bronze Award
“Most Experiential Brand of the Year”
Field Marketing and Brand Experience Award

Start-UpAwards Winner
"Best Home Business” for Meredith Bespoke


Superstars Will Smith, Lulu Guinness, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik have all entrusted her to run events - in some cases close family birthday parties – demonstrating faith in Meredith’s impeccable attention to detail, creative ideas and cultural relevance. 

By creating The Experiential Agency, Meredith applies her extensive expertise to design and event implementation, creating consumer touchpoints to directly impact a brand’s target audience. 

Her work is regularly featured in global media including, The Times, The Guardian, WSJ, NBC News, BBC News, Marie Claire, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Telegraph and Vogue. 

With a clients as varied as Lamborghini, Whirlpool, Monolo Blahnik, Polaroid, Faberge and Vivienne Westwood, Meredith’s creative fingerprints can be seen across numerous industries, and in headlines across the world