"Avolution evolved (of course it did) from last year’s grossly successful avocado appreciation brunch, Avopopup, also the brainchild of event organiser Meredith O’Shaughnessy."

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Behind-the-scenes at Whirlpool's first avo-brunch with Meredith Collective

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"If you thought we'd reached peak avocado when Tesco started selling it in ready-peeled, de-stoned frozen packs or when Miley Cyrus showed her dedication to the fruit by getting one tattooed on her arm, you'd be wrong."


"Think avacado gazpacho to start, harissa spiced chicken with avocado salsa, avocado ice cream, and even avocado margaritas. Hooray."

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Feeling fruity? Avocado features on all five courses of world's first all-avo restaurant's tasting menu


Avocados are certainly the ‘on-trend’ food right now. So much so that a pop-up brunch place is opening in the Big Smoke, in homage to the healthy food.

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"It was only a matter of time before an avocado-only restaurant came to London."


"Avocado love has still got legs as this month we welcome a pop up restaurant serving five avocado heavy courses."


"The Avo-Brunch Pop-Up menu, which you can see in full below, promises dish after dish containing avocado, from your first sip of an Avocado Margarita to your last bite of an avocado macaron."

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"Just when you thought the world couldn’t be MORE obsessed with the humble avocado, along comes Meredith with the Avo Brunch Pop-Up!"

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 "Everything from the dessert to the cocktails is to include avocados as the main ingredient, and it sounds delicious."

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"Whirlpool has teamed up with agency the Meredith Collective to launch the ‘Avo-Brand Pop-Up – a temporary social spot dedicated to the humble green fruit."

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"Keeping up with the Joneses: immersive experience from the Meredith Collective"


"Enter a world of flawless parties and pristine homewares at the Clerkenwell abode of Mrs Jones at this bizarre and imaginative immersive event."


"Part promenade piece, part boozy-foodie party, expect to be guided around the weird and wacky (and sparkly clean) world of The Joneses"

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"Guests will be led on a food and drink adventure of wild and wonderful creations from Mrs Jones secret recipes, including, edible vodka toothpaste, cocktails in detergent bottles, gin and tonic marshmallows and macaroon dishwasher tablets."


"Queen of pop ups Meredith O'Shaughnessy has created a new pop up adventure - Keeping Up with the Jones."


"Imagine a fairytale wonderland that's the home of Tomte, the Scandinavian Santa, lined with silver birch trees, amid which hide cheeky marzipan piggies."


"The charismatic Tomte (AKA Santa Claus) leading the merriment at this custom-created Christmas wonderland curated by award winning creative events agency Meredith Bespoke."


"At the Nordic Winter Yulefest, rice paper snowflakes soaked in alcoholic bitters and flavours such as pear and cinnamon will periodically explode out of glitter cannons placed throughout the pop-up space."

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"Meredith is targeting companies end of year festive celebrations with her Nordic Yulefest"

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 "A positively Viking Christmas fairyland lined with silver birch trees, marzipan pigs and furry sheepskin."

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"As always, London has come out on top with its winter pop-up offering"


"Drawing on traditions from our Northern neighbours, the Nordic Yulefest is a birch tree lined fairyland"


"This December, reality will give way to imagination with the arrival the Enchanted Nordic Yulefest."


"Forget rummaging in the back of wardrobes for a magical land full of mystery and magic - head to Enchanted Nordic Yulefest"


"Christmas parties, and things in generally, don’t get much cozier than this."

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"As Revelers are transported into a cavern of candlelit misty archways by evergreen crowned spritely hosts you enter a world bedecked with antlers, taxidermy and sheepskin-laden nooks."


"It's not often that our idea of fun involves the word 'laundry', but then it's not often washing machines make Campari cocktails, liquitabs are made from vodka jelly"

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"Sip cocktails at a Laundrette!"


"Find out just how well you scrub up at this launderette-themed pop-up which will involve cocktails mixed in washing machines"


"If, like us, you have plenty of dirty secrets that need airing, new pop-up bar Dirty Laundry"

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" Dirty Laundry is set to put guests through the spin cycle, air their dirtiest secrets, and leave them feeling fresh."


"Twisting the tap on the Whirlpool machine, out pours a mouthwatering Campari cocktail, spun, not stirred."


"If smashing up a Christmas tree in a bout of festive-fuelled rage is your dark, twisted fantasy, then the room for you is coming to the capital."

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"Rudolphs Rage Room is designed to allow people to take out their festive frustrations on a range of Christmas-related paraphernalia including trees, baubles and dancing Santa's!"


"Thanks to a new Christmas Rage Room that allows you to smash up as many Christmas decorations as you like, without any consequence."


"Like any good captain of industry, the folks behind Rudolph's Rage Room saw a need and decided to meet it."

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"The pressure of preparing for Christmas is pushing some Londoners over the edge."

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"People in London are paying $25 to swing a baseball bat at a Christmas tree, proving that the holiday spirit may not be alive and well inside everyone."


" Some people hate Christmas. They think whoever invented it should be crucified. And they’re just perfect for Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room."


"Pop-up specialists Meredith Bespoke Party are throwing an anti- Valentine's bash for friends, lovers or singles at gorgeous Bloomsbury House."

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"Love it or Hate it, the world of experiential isn't going to fight valentines day!"


"Here you and 500 other kindred spirits will indudge in an evening packed full of cocktails, macarons and piñata bashing (I’m not promising there wont be tears in the toilet)."


"This Valentine’s-themed pop-up takes place across five grand rooms of the spectacular Bloomsbury House, which the organisers assure us will be filled with ‘love, laughter and disco’."

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"Whether you’re a group of friends, popping by solo, with a loved one or looking for love, there’s something for everyone.."


"Whether it’s about mates or dates this year, impress them with your knowledge of secret London pop ups by bagging yourself tickets to Meredith Bespoke’s latest venture"